The flour mill_

A historic company + -

At the Minoterie Valty we are millers above all, we jealously cultivate our difference, because here generations have passed on by tradition, this know-how which makes us unique and authentic.

Our profession + -

Our profession transpires the determination, the attachment to our region. And it is by remaining faithful to our convictions and to our roots that we have been able to stand the test of time.

Sauxillanges + -

The mill is leaning against the first foothills of the Livradois in the heart of the Natural Park, overlooking the Limagne south of Issoire invaded in summer by a gentle sea of blond ears. This is our terroir. In our hands, the harvest of this fertile and generous land is transformed into flour.

Artisan miller + -

Responsible miller, reasoned miller and especially reasonable, it is with our partners farmers and bakers that we transform for you the best.

The culture of the local, who says better ?

day A in paradise_ The day rises, today it will be beautiful, and it is with a light heart that the miller goes to the mill this morning as every morning. As the morning mists slowly evaporate, the horizon reveals the first contours of the Auvergne volcanoes, The Sancy massif and the Cézallier plateau where a garland of recently installed windmills flashes. But the owl perched nearby, not at all frightened, observed the procession. Suddenly, the waterfall is silent, the millstream swells suddenly as if to better help the mill, which is slowly shaking. With a dull, metallic noise, the gates of the mill reach down with a clang, echoing far into the valley. What a surprise. The miller is now moving from floor to floor, the milling has begun. Faithful ally of the miller, water is part of our daily life, an indispensable force, but it also hides many surprises. Immediately a trout fario sneaks in, there near the lock two majestic white swans are waiting for their ration while the mallards arrive in their turn flying, they would not miss the feast for anything. The tired miller slowly walks back to his home, taking one last look at his kingdom, as if to make sure that his day is over... until tomorrow. Then in the evening, the milling finished, as in a final sigh, the pulleys complete their last turn, and it is the village that falls asleep a little ... until tomorrow. The days are full, that is how it is, even if the cylinders have long since replaced the furniture. Here everyone lives to the rhythm of the mill.
We offer 10 different wheat flours adapted to each of your needs.
4 rye flours from the Livradois-Forez Park, bought directly from farmers practicing extensive cultivation and breeding.
Discover 8 special flours ready to use. All our flours come with recipes.

The national laboratory of the bakery-pastry industry, LEMPA, accompanies the mills in the framework of the sanitary vigilance plan and in the process of certification of their French tradition.

Acronym derived from the English Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, which qualifies the method of analysis, apprehension, knowledge, and control of bacteriological dangers.

Wheat grown without GMO, sewage sludge, no insecticide in cultivation and storage, our traditional and traceability. This helped the association to develop and invest, especially for farmers, in individual storage cells.

“Good quality flour, a lot of choice and great service, I recommend to my colleagues.”

- Patrick Védrine - Boulangerie Védrine

“We use the flour of the Valty flour mill for our desserts. Of choice and quality, we approve.”

- Quentin Passepont - HoBistro

“I buy my flour for my bakery at the Valty flour mill, nothing to say about the quality, excellent.”

- Laurent Quinternet - L’Atelier Sucré

At the Valty flour mill, we are millers first and foremost, and we jealously cultivate our difference, because here, generations have passed on this know-how by tradition, which makes us unique and authentic. Our trade transpires the determination, the attachment to our region. And it is by remaining faithful to our convictions and our roots that we have been able to stand the test of time.